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First of all, I’d really like to thank everyone for your amazing support and encouragement! When I first started on this path I knew I was onto something and knew that I knew things other people didn’t know – but I often let my self-doubt get in the way. But thanks to your encouragement I have finally been able to put all my research together to create the Sex Fundamentalism model. You can take a look at the site for Sex Fundamentalism or my site as a coach. or http://www.TeakiPage.com.You can also go to Lexi and Gun daMenco’s website which is the site for the ambassadors I have created. Instead of continuing on with this blog, most of my blogs will be over there under Lexi.

Additionally, I will be using that platform to promote FTO.

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I briefly touched on FTO in my previous post and now I would like to delve a bit deeper (no pun intended). When I speak to women about FTO they generally have the same questions and/or objections:

  1. What is the difference between an FTO and a regular orgasm?
  2. Will it really work?
  3. If they are feeling anxious, sick or menstruating, the last thing they feel like doing is having sex (and personally, I don’t blame them)
  4. They don’t feel totally comfortable touching themselves
  5. I would be really embarrassed to do that, what if someone finds out or I get busted?
  6. They are unable to orgasm
  7. And finally, they want to know if it will help with sexual disorders

What is the difference between an FTO and a regular orgasm?

The actual orgasm itself doesn’t vary, it is the intention and the process that varies. The sole purpose of an FTO is to relieve stress, anger, anxiety and almost any mental anguish (no, I’m not talking about men). It can also be used to overcome several physical ailments such as period pain, headaches and muscle aches and more. Because it’s use is for health and well-being and will usually occur when you’re not feeling your best, it won’t normally include anyone else. It’s a bit like the difference between eating because you have to (say, a peanut butter sandwich) or eating because you feel like eating something in particular (a double fudge sundae) – either way, it will still satisfy your hunger. (Top of Page)

Will it really work?

Before the advent of psychology and disorders such as post-natal depression and anxiety had been defined, women unknowingly used orgasm as a treatment for all these disorders and it worked! They would visit their doctors weekly and they would feel a tremendous amount of relief. Our bodies have the amazing ability to fix itself and while the female body goes through absolute hell with menstruation, childbirth, pregnancy and hormone changes, it also has the ability to bring everything back into equilibrium with an orgasm. And besides, on the off chance that everyone was wrong for 2000 years, can someone please tell me the downside to having frequent orgasms? (Top of Page)

If they are feeling anxious, sick or menstruating, the last thing they feel like doing is having sex

Well, what does a woman’s orgasm have to do with having sex? We are talking about a female’s orgasm, not a man’s! I am talking about an orgasm induced by clitoral stimulation, so you don’t need to be in the mood for sex. In fact, you don’t even need to be slightly aroused. If you stimulate the right spot your body is going to do everything it should. (Top of Page)

They don’t feel totally comfortable touching themselves

A popular quote from my last post: “Funnily enough, a lot of women won’t touch themselves down there but will let almost anyone else touch them down there as long as it’s for a good reason – doctors, nurses, boyfriends, husbands, (the cute guy from the bar shh), even a bikini waxer!” In any case, if you get yourself a vibrator you don’t have to touch yourself down there anyway. You don’t even need to take your undies off! (If you don’t know how then we’ll get to that.)

One reason women feel uncomfortable doing it is because they often feel like only oversexed, horny or ‘sexually-enlightened’ women masturbate. I’ve always found this a bizarre concept. Have you ever wondered why masturbation is the first step in a male discovering their sexuality but it is usually an advanced step in females discovering their sexuality? Why do our first steps in sexuality usually involve a male? Why would we allow a man to touch anything on our bodies that we haven’t even touched ourselves? To me, that seems a little like winning your dream car but leaving it in the garage until you met a man who would drive it for you. And one more quick note on the topic – would you tell your daughter that she shouldn’t touch her body, or know how it works, and then tell her she should wait to find a boy to do it for her? I don’t think so. (Top of Page)

I would be really embarrassed to do that, what if someone finds out or I get busted?

This is a very common worry, but it’s not like you have to sit at a dinner and announce “I’ve begun Female Therapeutic Orgasm”! It’s your own private business, you no more have to discuss this than you do your sex life or your bowel movements! One of the ladies I spoke to was worried about getting caught out by one of her kids. My response was that she could apply that same fear to using the bathroom but she chooses not to. (Top of Page)

They are unable to orgasm

Even if you have never had an orgasm, it certainly doesn’t mean you can’t. Especially if you’ve never tried to do it yourself or have very little clitoral stimulation. Practice, practice, practice. (Top of Page)

Will it help with my sexual disorder?

It depends which disorder you have – if you mean the ‘disorder’ that you have no desire to have painful, uncomfortable sex that never results in an orgasm, then no, it won’t help you any more than it will help with your ‘disorder’ of not desiring a root canal. I will be addressing sexual disorders in an upcoming blog so subscribe to my blog to keep updated. But the 2 golden rules are:

  1. If you have not learnt the technique of how to stimulate your clitoris to orgasm there is no way you can know that you are unable to orgasm.
  2. If you are not being seduced or turned on you are not going to want, or enjoy sex

If you’re already enjoying my blogs (which I’m sure you are) why not subscribe to it so you can keep updated as they are only going to get juicier, funnier and most of all, more useful! I will be starting my How To guides very soon:

  • How To Get More Sex From Your Woman This guide truly is a must-read for all men and I’m quite sure every single one of you ladies is going to agree with me. Have a read of it yourself and then as subtly as a sledgehammer recommend it to your husband/ partner.
  • How To Have a Therapeutic Orgasm I will be giving you loads of information and links so you can get through the mental and physical barriers so you can begin to have FTO’s whenever you need it!
  • The Seduction Rules Again, this one is for the men: it is not just a theoretical guide, I will be giving step-by-step rules on how to seduce a woman
  • The Attraction Equation The men will love this one, to find out how to attract more women, but the women will also love it because they’ll finally find out why they are continually attracted to the same type of person!

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In my last blog I briefly mentioned FTO – Female Therapeutic Orgasm. So your interest has probably peaked now because it sounds so exciting! Well, the bad news is for the men, because sorry guys, this has nothing to do with you. (Not that it won’t benefit you, but we’ll get to that another time.) Which, of course, leaves the good news for the women. Get your vibrator out because it’s good for your health!

I know, there are a LOT of you who don’t have a vibrator and/ or who don’t orgasm, but that’s ok, keep reading, by the end of this blog I’ll have you jumping in your car to rush and buy one so fast you won’t even care what little old Mrs Mangle down the street thinks. But don’t kid yourself, she’s probably doing it too – why else do you think she bought the ‘neck massager’ from the homewares catalogue you get delivered to your door? In fact, if your grandmother, great-grandmother or even great-great-grandmother was one of the first women to own electrical home appliances, she probably owned one of the very first vibrators! It was even invented before the vacuum cleaner or the iron. (What does that tell you about what we really want to be spending our spare time doing?)

The First Vibrator

I kid you not – one of the first vibrators was actually an attachment to a home appliance motor in the 1920’s and was sold in all the big department stores! And yes, it’s purpose was to induce an orgasm.

Vibrator attachment for home appliance motor

Vibrator attachment for home appliance motor

HOWEVER, it was not acknowledged that that’s what was happening, it was called an ‘hysterical paroxysm’ and it was used to treat a condition known as ‘hysteria’, which comprised of a variety of ‘female woes’ (I’ll tell you a bit more about hysteria in a moment). The device was actually invented in the 1869 by George Taylor for doctors to increase their profits. Doctors routinely treated patients with hysteria and it would take him up to an hour to do so. He would do this by performing ‘pelvic massage’ on his patients to induce a hysterical paroxysm to treat hysteria – in other words, he was rubbing his patient’s clitoris until they had an orgasm! The introduction of the vibrator reduced the hour it took to 10 minutes so he could treat 6 times as many patients in a day. Following this, the vibrator was then adapted to a home machine, and it continued to be a legitimate therapy for hysteria until around the same time they began to appear in porn movies in the 1920’s. That’s right, our great-great-grandparents were also dirty little buggers.

When doctor’s stopped using vibrators.

An ad for pelvic massage

Dr Swift would make home visits to give ladies 'pelvic massage'

Of course, once they were in the dirty movies it became pretty obvious what was really happening! So it became inappropriate that doctors give their patients orgasms so one by one they stopped doing it. Around 20 years later, the term ‘hysteria’ was no longer used and many of the symptoms were reclassified into different mental illnesses and disorders. Now here’s the thing – for literally thousands of years, orgasm had been used to treat the symptoms of hysteria – and it worked – almost every time!! So, tell me this… regardless of whether the term ‘hysteria’ still exists, the symptoms still do, so why did orgasm stop being advised to treat the symptoms? One of the biggest reasons would probably have been that it was immoral for women to masturbate.

Is it still immoral or dirty for women to touch their own bodies?

Yeah ok, I’m not going to argue with the religious view on this but aside from that, it is the 21st century is it not? If a woman wants to stick a pineapple up her bum and wipe peanut butter on her nipples what business is it of anyone else’s? (Ok, so that’s probably not even physically possible but you get the point.) Funnily enough, a lot of women won’t touch themselves down there but will let almost anyone else touch them down there as long as it’s for a good reason – doctors, nurses, boyfriends, husbands, (the cute guy from the bar shh), even a bikini waxer! In any case, if you get yourself a vibrator you don’t have to touch yourself down there anyway.

Bring on the Female Therapeutic Orgasm (FTO)

Hysteria was often described as a catch-all for any female woe. It’s symptoms were many and varied. I have taken this list of symptoms from the fabulous book ‘The Technology of Orgasm’ by Rachel P. Maines which I highly recommend you read:

  • anxiety
  • sleeplessness
  • nervousness
  • sensations of heaviness in the abdomen
  • vaginal lubrication
  • muscle spasms
  • shortness of breath
  • loss of appetite for food
  • loss of appetite for sex ‘with the approved male partner’
  • a tendency to cause trouble for others, particularly members of the patient’s immediate family
  • fainting (syncope)
  • edema or hyperemia (congestion caused by fluid retention, either localised or general)

As many of these symptoms are also symptoms of sexual arousal or frustration, it is hard to know if one individuals woman’s orgasm relieves the symptoms of another ailment, or the ailment itself is caused by her lack of orgasm – but at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter, all that matters is that it worked! And it still works.

There is sooo much more to talk about FTO and other topics of sex particularly on:

  • FTO vs regular orgasms an in-depth analysis of the difference between orgasms as we generally think of them as opposed to one for therapeutic benefits
  • A how-to guide to FTO Advice for women who never or rarely orgasm or just those who want to know more
  • The history of women’s sexuality it is interesting to read about just how sexist our world was, and still is, when it comes to women’s sexual satisfaction

Cheers and see you soon,

Teaki Page xx

After years and years of going around in circles trying to write a book, put together the perfectly-worded and expertly designed website and basically achieving nothing but gathering more information for the aforementioned, I find myself biting the bullet and writing my first blog. After all, the whole purpose of the book and website is to promote my cause to you and everyone else, so now that is my priority, any way I can. So hear we go, let me explain to you what I consider to be a worthy life purpose because it can help so many of you.

It is my vision:

1. To promote female sexuality   For women to not only become more in touch with their own sexuality but to also fully understand their right to do so (for example, can you find one logical reason to support the ‘stud vs slut’ argument?)
          AND to recognise that female sexuality in our society is still extremely sexist and lagging behind a man’s (Imagine what would happen if the women the world over suddenly decided a sex session will now finish as soon as she’s had an orgasm rather than the man. Give it a go tonight, just for giggles – as soon as you’ve had an orgasm, roll over and go to sleep and see how he reacts. What’s that I hear you say? You never have orgasms? My point exactly.)

2. For Men to get more sex   For both men and women to understand that male and female sexuality is completely different, and they need to understand each other for it to come together properly to form a completely satisfying and long-lasting sexual relationship. (For example, a man’s preferred method of reaching orgasm is sexual intercourse yet a woman’s preferred method does not even include a penis. In addition to this, women, funnily enough, are not turned on by being poked in the ribs and being asked if they’re horny, yet men keep doing it in the hope that it will work).

3. Female Therapeutic Orgasm (FTO)   And last, but certainly not least, for women to understand the great power their own bodies have been given to counteract all the horrible things we are dealt (for example, anxiety, period pain, sleeplessness etc.). I call it the Female Therapeutic Orgasm (FTO). It was used for thousands of years as a therapy to all the ‘female woes’ but as soon as it was recognised as part of female sexuality it mysteriously faded away.

Keep following my blog and you’ll soon find out about things like:

  • The Attraction Equation – find out exactly what attracts men to women
  • The Seduction Rules – men, if you want more sex in your life (that is more than just ‘give-in’ sex), this is the ONLY way you will get it
  • Paroxysm Hydrotherapy – a specially-adapted spa bed designed to use hydrotherapy to induce an FTO, specifically designed for women who have been unable to achieve orgasm – find out the only place in the world that is about to offer this exclusive service
  • and so, so much more!

Please leave a comment below if you’d like me to address anything in particular.

Cheers and see you soon,

Teaki Page xx